Uber Hires Obama’s Former Campaign Manager

As always, whenever a company or a service provider notices a decline in the
demand of its services, they usually go back to the drawing board and come up with new powerful strategies for survival. Uber, a taxi company has resolved to hire the former Obama’s chief campaigner David Plouffe to rejuvenate their services. David’s main objectives will be to spearhead the company’s political activities, communication, branding needs and global policy. He was chosen because the taxi business involves lot of political contribution and influence which are his strongholds.

According to the blog written by Travis Kalanick, the controversy in the taxi industry needs someone who has a bit of political influence to challenge local regulations for the benefit of the business. This is evident from the success of Big Taxi Cartel which has always been using political influences in order to pin down other companies down in terms of competition, number of consumers as well as restricting drivers from joining other  companies.

Amidst of his appointment, speculations went round that David Plouffe was heading back to the white house to act as the chief of staff. This caught the ear of everyone making his popularity level rise a bit. Despite the speculation, David was hired by Uber to reinforce the company’s strength in the market. As if this is not enough, the company has gone ahead to hire one of the top most executives who previously worked with Newyork Taxi  and Limousine commission.

According to the New York Times, Plouffe was quoted saying that the company is on a mission to revolutionize the taxi industry. The company’s main focus includes:

· Providing safer transport to consumers

· Provision of jobs

· Restricting and doing away with reckless driving

Even though Plouffe whose official duty begins in September was appointed, the company kept tracks of other top political strategists such as Jay Carney who was the white house press secretary as well as Howard Wolfson who was the chief strategist for Hilary Clinton’s campaign back in 2008.

Prominent Mistakes That Cause Cloud Projects To Collapse

Choosing the right professional for your cloud project is very important. An expert hand makes all the difference between success and failure. A wrong IT hand will send your project crashing. These are the most common mistakes you should avoid when hiring a cloud vendor.

Choosing Only Because Of Features

When you are into cloud services, it is important to be cautious when it is time to hire. Do not just hire because of a few features alone. Hire a vendor based on a very impressive overall performance.

Making Assumptions

Assumptions can be dangerous and the same applies here. Do not assume that a cloud service will be the magic pill for your business. It can actually become the killing bullet. Do your homework well and see how it blends with your company.

Not Observing Other Customers’ Experience

It is good that you take a look at the other side and see how other customers are enjoying the same services you intend to use. If they are having a nice time with it, offer them something better. But be very sure that you need this new package.

Not Paying Attention To User Experience

Just as it is important that you see what other customers are going through, the same goes for user experience. Never underestimate the importance of user experience. A badly designed feature is a lot worse than not having any feature at all. Do not carry out trial programs that will only make life hell for your users. Optimal user experience should be your focus.

Not Sure of The Standards and Security Measures To Make Use Of

If you are not too sure of the security measures and standards that you really need, you may have    to cope with serious cloud service failures. Never make any assumptions, as that will be disastrous for your security. There are various certifications and security packages that you can make use of. Some of the most reliable are TRUSTe and ISO27001.

Get Close To Your Cloud Provider

A very good relationship with your cloud provider will have a very positive effect on your business. Get to know your cloud provider and do not just be aloof. Get involved and you will be amazed.

Settling For Less

Never opt for a second-rated vendor simply because you have not been able to get an ideal one. Take your time to search well instead of settling for less. What is worth doing is surely worth doing well.